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Vaccinations and Immunizations are an extremely important part of any child’s life. It is of utmost necessity for every parent to get their child vaccinated at the right time, and from the right place. Saving children from many deadly diseases, ensuring they have a safe and long life, and even save parents a lot of money that would be spent in curing a disease that their child could have prevented through a simple timely vaccine.

While people do understand the significance of immunization and vaccination, what they don’t deem important is the fact that if got from the wrong medical centre – in a worst case scenario, it could even prove fatal. And that is why, you always need to check whether you are getting your kid vaccinated from a certified pharmacist or not.

Universal Health Centre, therefore is very proud to have a staff of very reliable, educated, and best-at-their-work professional pharmacists working for them. Whether it’s administering any vaccination and immunization, or giving a supplement injection – we have pharmacists who are extremely adept at whatever they do. They know exactly which vaccines are suitable for which age, and accordingly help not just administer them, but also have the child maintain a proper health chart that they could need in the future. Also, they are aware of the fact that some kids might be allergic to some drug, and accordingly prescribe the immunizations and vaccinations.

Here, we have every pharmacologist working here having years of experience to back their work ethics, their practical ability to deal with patients, and their knowledge of the medicines and drugs they deal with. It pleases Universal Health Centre to no extent that we, along with our team of experts, and are able to fight these diseases together, and subsequently help people lead a healthy life.