Injection Services

Providing one of the best injection service facilities all over the country, Universal Health Centre is home to a leading team of pharmacists who are extremely good at what they do. We here employ state of the art technology to prepare customized medications, and also looking at the patient, understand how to make them customized prescriptions. To be good at injection service, first and foremost means to be able to understand that many patients do not get the exact dosage that they might not get at normal stores – simply because the manufactured dosages do not suit their needs, For these patients especially, the staff at Universal Health Centre are able to determine the optimal way of medicine administration.

Whether it’s Preservative-free and sugar-free formulations, Creams, lotions and gels, Medicated lozenges, freezer pops, lollipops and chewable gummies, Topical and oral sprays, Nasal sprays, or Geriatric dosages – our compounders are skilled enough to offer the prescribed dosages in any customized form.

The art of injection service involves being able to work both with patients as well as doctors, and come up with a way that makes the patient take the medicine effectively, and for the medicine to work efficiently. Like, if a patient has a hard time swallowing a pill, the compounder could administer the same medicine to them in liquid form that would be easier for them to take in. This is just one of the countless number of examples that you will find at Universal Health Centre. If you find a medicine unavailable, or its specific dosage not available, or if you find yourself allergic to it, or if you’re not able to effectively take that medicine at all – you will find the injection service at Universal Health Centre always ready to help you out!