Breast Pump Rental

Breast pumps come in very handy to new mothers, and that’s why are really important. You could be a stay-at-home mom, or you could be working, and you’ll find breast pumps make life really easy.

Here are some of the reasons why breastfeeding is easier done with a breast pump:

  • It helps you keep a schedule of how much milk you need to produce, and hence helps in regulating the amount of milk that is produced every day.
  • Sometimes mothers are not able to make much milk. Breast pump helps them increase their milk production. Using a pump after every breastfeeding session, or going for double pumping could help a mother stimulate an increase.
  • Then there are other times when the child doesn’t need as much milk as is being produced. In that case, you can use a breast pump to keep the stimulation going, so that the milk supply doesn’t decrease. The child might need more milk later, and you’d want to be prepared for it.
  • You can store milk for later using a breast pump. It would come handy during dry spells, and you could easily freeze it and use it later.
  • Especially for working mothers, who might have to cut short their maternity leaves before their child completes six months – they could really get help through a breast pump.

While having a breast pump is clearly a good idea, you have the choice of either buying or renting one. And we’re going to tell you why renting a breast pump from Universal Health Centre would be a great choice for you.

Here’s why you would be better off, choosing the latter option:

  • It’s good for mothers who are exclusively pumping.
  • It’s also a better option for mothers with non-latching babies. The mothers can later on go for buying a pump.
  • Our rental pumps come with really high durability.
  • These pumps also allow for a very smooth transition between suction levels and speed.