Home Health Care Products

Universal Health Pharmacy is a place that believes first and foremost in the welfare of its patrons. And as a leading pharmacy, we know how it’s really difficult to maintain a regular lifestyle when either you or your loved one might be going through a tough time with regards to health.

In our attempt to make it as easier for you as possible, we provide a range of home care products, like diabetic supplies, breast pumps, orthopaedics, respiratory accessories, home diagnostics, urological catheters, urological collection devices, compression stockings, gloves, seating or cushions, wheelchairs in addition to other specialty medical equipment’s and aids to help you and close ones in a safe and easy daily living.

Our main goal is always to patient health and their satisfaction. And based upon this goal, have we painstakingly built our catalog of health supplies, disposables, self-care supplies, durable medical equipment, and pharmaceutical accessories. With a wide array of homecare products at your disposal, you can always rest assured that in times of your need, Universal Health Care will always be there to support you.