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Advantages of Compounded Medications

Compounding Medication Solutions at Universal Health Pharmacy

We at Universal Health Pharmacy recognize that there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to medication and with that idea in mind, our team of skilled pharmacists collaborates closely with you to provide personalized medication that is tailored to your specific health requirements. We can make personalized medication that is safe, efficient, and convenient for you, even if you have a food allergy, need a different dosage form, or have trouble swallowing tablets. Universal Health Pharmacy offers customized medication,  so you may take control of your health and experience its benefits.

Compounding Solutions For a Better Health Management

Compounding is an individualized approach to medication care in which prescription medications are made to fit the patient’s requirements and needs, Through this process, pharmacists can mix, blend, or alter ingredients to make a medication that is specific to the needs of each patient.

Know the Benefits of Compounding Medication at Universal Health Pharmacy


  • Customized Dosage Forms: Enables the formulation of medication in different forms, according to the requirements and preferences of the patient, such as liquids, gels, or creams.


  • Allergy-Friendly Medications: Removes allergens and other substances that are not necessary and could react negatively in patients.


  • Specific Dosage modifications: Make accurate dosage modifications, that are particularly useful for patients who need non-standard doses.


  • Flavor Enhancement: Makes medications taste better and more palatable, especially for kids.


  • Discontinued Medications: Guarantees people in need of ongoing care by giving them access to medications that are no longer commercially available.


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